The Marketing Oracle Card Deck

Created by Amanda Daniels-Allen from Koogar

53 Pearls of Wisdom for the Spiritual, Passionate and Purpose Led – Helping you to gain clarity, take action, be seen and make more money!

This Deck is for...

This deck of cards have been created and balanced especially for you, so you’re able to align your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, offerings, business and marketing into the ideal vision you carry in your heart. You may be a Business Owner or Marketing Manager looking for daily guidance on your next move.

We call them...

53 Pearls of Wisdom…

A beautifully crafted collection filled with pearls of wisdom to give you guidance and structure to market yourself and your business ethically and authentically, using our Integrated Marketing Approach.

Energy - Marketing Oracle


to give you the power + force to keep going

Fire - Marketing Oracle


speak your truth and share your core message


blow your message across the channels

Water - Marketing Oracle


enabling you to flow like water, adapt and move

Earth - Marketing Oracle


ground you to define and speak to your people

days of access

For every purchase of the Marketing Oracle Card Deck, we donate 25 days of access to clean water for people in the world using B1G1

Currently sold 111 oracle decks. Updated 18.10.2023

Nature’s natural elements are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Energy…

All show the complexity of nature and how the natural world ties together to work in harmony, creating a beautiful planet for us to live upon.

This deck has been created and balanced especially for you, so you’re able to align your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, offerings, business and marketing into the ideal vision you carry in your heart.

These pearls are designed for the spiritual entrepreneur who has passion, drive, and determination to be their authentic self, to walk their talk and to become the ethical marketer of their business.

You have a purpose bigger than yourself, not only in what you do but for who you help.

Now is your time…you are ready! Ready to be seen and step into the light you so rightly deserve.

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfactionEO Wilson

On the days you require external guidance or need some strategic (yet ethereal advice), look to the Marketing Oracle. Shuffle your deck, close your eyes, take a deep breath and choose the card(s) that speaks to you.

Then, take the next step – trust yourself.

About the Creator and the Designer

The Amanda’s met in Within Lane Art College, Wirral, UK, where they went on to be artists in their own right, have always stayed in touch and are life long friends!

Amanda Daniels-Allen

Amanda Daniels-Allen


I’m a graphic designer, web designer and internet developer who fell in love with the “approach to marketing.

The Customer First approach focuses on building customer journeys and experiences, to get you in front of the right people and make more money.  Most importantly, this approach allows you to be yourself.

I enable business owners to step into their own power, build a business they love and be seen as the expert.

Together we create your very own blueprint, called the Eco-System.

Forget marketing, Think alignment!

Visit my Koogar Website

Amanda Mae Barr


I’m an independent British Artist, digital collage artist and abstract expressionist painter.

I offer an eclectic style that is rebellious, romantic, chaotic and full of colour and juxtaposition.

My process follows a similar method to early abstract expressionists, allowing free expression, gesture or collage selections to flow and visually manifest the emotional energy carried within my physical self.

I trust my intuitive response.

Visit my Hello Mae Website

Amanda Barr

About the Founder of Koogar

I initially qualified as a Graphic Designer and went onto to learn how to “build the Internet” by creating Animations, studying code and advancing skills within User Experience (UX) of websites in 1998. Going on to create some of the largest sites in the UK (including Liverpool Football Club and HSBC) and marketing them to ensure the best return for the investment made.

I founded Koogar in 2006 whilst working full time as an Internet Developer.

I have used my former experience to develop the Marketing Integration Eco-System™, which allows companies of all sizes to review ALL aspects of their marketing to see if it is integrated together and working as it should.

Over the years, Koogar have worked with thousands of the Solopreneurs, Business Owners and Marketing Managers who; exhibit pride, passion and commitment in what they do, want to work organically and be seen authentically, taking the time to get things right and be in front of the right people with their brand, products and services.


“Amanda is awesome. Spent a couple of hours with her, and it turned out that I had stacks of things to work on that I’d never even considered. Only halfway through the list of things she suggested, and I’ve started getting new business already! Thanks Amanda!!!

“I can’t speak highly enough of the time, efforts, ideas, encouragement, support, knowledge I received from Amanda. I feel a whole new energy for my business and a complete drive to push things forward now.

“Amanda always gets straight to the point and during one-to-one marketing calls. I’ve gone to her with a list of questions but come away with reassurance and more answers than I expected and feeling energised with an action plan to get real results.

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