The cards have been absolutely fantastic in helping me to achieve my goals. I’ve created my own little system to help me gain the most out of each card and they have actually already assisted the business!

Emma Simms

Marketing Manager, (UK)

As soon as I saw the cards I was like, Thank you, now you’re talking my language! Alignment, elements and spirituality, I get so I’m feeling inspired and excited for once about my marketing and love my new tools!

Becki Marie Douglas

Wellbeing Empowerer, (UK)

I absolutely love the cards and share oracle cards with friends and strangers. The cards have been a reconfirmation of what I already know, and with the resources they help me to get better at the things I didn’t know. I’ve played the oracle cards on Clubhouse and people absolutely loved it!
I honestly think that anyone who is spiritually involved and/or curious should have them! They are a gift.
Ellena Hill

Makeup Artist, (USA)

Whilst the cards and box are of exceptional quality both physically and visually. I’m just (if not even moredelighted with the calibre of content found on each card and the supporting guidebook.

Jay Allen

Business Scale Sherpa, (UK)

Thank you Amanda. For your energy, time, and for creating these beautifully powerful cards.
Daina Anderson Sharples

Financial Aid Consultant, (USA)

When I saw this awesome Marketing Deck I was like “I love it” and it compliments my business. It has made me get more focused, with great motivational messages and a sense of calm in the daily business chaos.

I love the style, creativity, words of wisdom and the story behind it.

Everyday by my desk is my ‘deck buddy’ to help me start my day with a positive productive mindset. Thank you so much Amanda. You are such an amazing lady that I admire very much.

Ghazala Jabeen

Marketing Consultant, (UK)