Spotify – Marketing Oracle Playlist

This Spotify Playlist helped Amanda create, design and build this beautiful deck of Cards.

I’m a secret kitchen dancer… Music transforms me, moves me (physically, mentally and emotionally), it takes me back in time as well as allows me to see my future. Music also inspires and drives me to be a better and an aligned version of myselfAmanda Daniels-Allen

We realise you may have different taste(s) in music, Amanda’s is eclectic. However, we wanted to share it with you, as it may inspire, motivate and move you to do the things you have always dreamed of just like it did Amanda.

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Earth - Marketing Oracle

Earth is your Market, the people you serve


Goddess of Earth: Gaia
the mother of all creation, nurturing those she serves

Gaia G1 - Problems

Problems are not hurdles, but the gateway to the next level

Your clients have problems, challenges and goals they want and need to fix, achieve and/or get through.

Download Gaia G1 – Problems

Gaia G2 - Trust

Trust starts with self and is the foundation of all relationships

Trust is built based on the level of commitment you have to yourself and everything you encounter.

Download Gaia G2 – Trust

Gaia G3 - Psychographics

The key is in the behaviour of humans…actions speak louder than words

Marketing isn’t about technology (or which platform you’re on). It’s about psychology and understanding the person on the other side of the device or desk.

Download Gaia G3 – Psychographics

Fire - Marketing Oracle

Fire is your Message, the core of what you do


Goddess of Fire: Hestia
presides over hearth and home, cultivating the core message

Hestia H1 - Pitch

Speak to the heart and the conscious takes over

When delivering your 30, 45 or 60 second pitch, you’re looking to fascinate the senses of your audience, speaking to every element you possibly can WITHOUT selling. Instead look for the glimmer of desire and hope in their eyes.

Download Hestia H1 – Pitch

Hestia H2 - Calls to Action

Bang the drum and when they come, tell them what the next step is

Calls to Action are the steps you would like your people to take. It could be as simple as calling you, emailing, filling in a form, watching a video, booking a coffee or even asking for the sale.

Download Hestia H2 – Calls to Action

Hestia H3 - Referrals

Ask and you shall receive, but first you must believe and see where it leads

A referral program is intrinsic for you to get your current (and past) clients talking about you, for you. It is one of the best forms of organic business growth.

Download Hestia H3 – Referrals



Earth - Marketing Oracle

Wind is the Media, the channels you use


Goddess of Wind: Aura
swift of foot, she harnesses the breeze to deliver

Aura A1 - Recycle

Repurpose, reposition or recycle to stay fresh

Good content will always be consumed. Great content will be reused, kept and shared.

Download Aura A1 – Recycle

Aura A2 - Blogging

Let your words flow like a river

Answer a question, challenge, issue or myth your audience may be witness to.

Download Aura A2 – Blogging

Aura A3 - Customer Experience

You won’t get a second chance as the director of first impressions

How do people experience you, your products, services and brand? Could it be better? The answer is always yes!

Download Aura A3 – Experience

Water - Marketing Oracle

Water is your Mindset, the thought waves


Goddess of Water: Aphrodite
born of the sea foam, she generates love to carry you forward

Aphrodite E1 - Beliefs

Beliefs can be changed; you just must be willing

Your beliefs are created by your experiences and/or by other people’s thoughts of you (which are not really your business).

Download Aphrodite E1 – Beliefs

Aphrodite E2 - Journal

Reflect and rationalise your past, future and present

Journaling is a way to see yourself from a different perspective, allowing you to step outside yourself to witness the truth inside.

Download Aphrodite E2 – Journal

Aphrodite E3 - Environment

Your habitat promotes survival

Take a knee and review your surroundings.

Download Aphrodite E3 – Environment


Energy - Marketing Oracle

Energy is the Momentum and the WILDCARD


Goddess of Energy: Bia
personifying spirit and power, she’s a catalyst of growth

Standards determine your quality

Your standards govern the quality of life you live.

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