The Marketing Oracle Card Deck + Download Session with Amanda


Marketing Oracle Card Deck + a powerful 90 Minute 1:1 Download Session with Amanda via Zoom.

53 cards to help you gain clarity, take action, be seen and make more money.

On the days you require external guidance or need some strategic (yet ethereal advice), look to the Marketing Oracle. Shuffle your deck, close your eyes, take a deep breath and choose the card(s) that speaks to you.


This deck has been created and balanced especially for you, so you’re able to align your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, offerings, business and marketing into the ideal vision you carry in your heart.

These pearls are designed for the spiritual entrepreneur or marketing manager who has passion, drive, and determination to be their authentic self, to walk their talk and to become the ethical marketer of their business.

The Marketing Oracle Deck is a beautifully crafted collection filled with pearls of wisdom to give you guidance and structure to market yourself and your business ethically and authentically.

53 cards to help you gain clarity, take action, be seen and make more money.

PLUS a 90 Minute 1:1 Download Session with Amanda

With this deck you also have the opportunity to work directly with Amanda on a 1:1 basis, where you will have a 90 minute 1:1 Download Session to make sure you have clarity, become more focused and confident with moving for with your marketing. This 1:1 will take place via Zoom.

Forget marketing, think alignment!

Amanda is the perfect person to talk to about your dreams and fears as a novice entrepreneur or even as a seasoned one for that matter. Her ability to tap into your vibe and energy is skillful and intuitive. Amanda’s super power is how fast and deeply she connects with people and the way she supports them to realise their super power. Thank you Amanda!! In gratitudeLee-Anne

It was her presence, a sense of trust and authenticity I felt in her communication style that lead me to schedule a one on one call with her, to discuss strategies to facilitate better alignment in a team. On the call it seemed like Amanda understood my problem quickly and provided a really diverse range of ideas for how to move around them. She’s really astute! I left the session feeling like I had a different view of the issue and much more empowered to be able to change my approach. Thank you Amanda, I really appreciate youClare


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