Fancy a Shuffle?

We thought you would like to have a go of using the cards before you purchase them… Just to see what you get and how it resonates with you. The full deck hasn’t been uploaded, we just wanted to give you an example of what you would get.

Earth : Gaia : Marketing : 7

Earth : Gaia : Marketing : 7

Wind : Aura : Media : 1

Wind : Aura : Media : 1

Water : Aphrodite : Mindset : E2

Water : Aphrodite : Mindset : E2

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More about the Card you pulled…

We’ve give you a little more information based on the card you have pulled so you can see what it relates to and how you can use it within your marketing.

Earth : Gaia : Marketing : 7
Element: Earth

Goddess: Gaia

Activity: Market / Your People

Number: Seven / 7

Topic: Community

Gather extraordinary individuals and help them be the best they can be

Community is where we all thrive.

We help, educate, are heard and seen, listen, reach out and go the extra mile.

If you shine the light on your people so they can express opinion, engage, share, trust and belong, they come together, staying and standing together.

Read more on page 15 in the 70-Page Guidebook

Fire : Hestia : Message : 2
Element: Fire

Goddess: Hestia

Activity: Message / Your Core

Number: Two / 2

Topic: DNA

The strands within your core make you rare

What is the core message you want your people to hear?

This is the big idea, change or belief you want to share with the world to bring your people together.

Your core message is the very expression, the essence, of who you are and what you stand for.

Read more on page 24 in the 70-Page Guidebook

Wind : Aura : Media : 1
Element: Wind

Goddess: Hestia

Activity: Media / Your Channels

Number: One / 1

Topic: Brand

Your ethos, purpose, mission and values combined make you who you are. Show them

Showing HOW you do business, your difference and your reason for being in business allows you to stand out like a diamond amongst the glass.

Brand is more than just a logo or the colour palette you‘ve chosen.

Read more on page 37 in the 70-Page Guidebook

Water : Aphrodite : Mindset : E2

Element: Water

Goddess: Aphrodite

Activity: Mindset / Your Thoughts

Number: E Two / E 2

Topic: Journal

Exercise:  Comes with additional Secret Exercise for download

Reflect and rationalise your past, future and present

Journaling is a way to see yourself from a different perspective, allowing you to step outside yourself to witness the truth inside.

You can unlock deep healing, become more creative, gain clarity, meet yourself where you are and have a cathartic experience.

Read more on page 62 in the 70-Page Guidebook