Do I get anything else with the cards?

Yes you do…

The cards have 9 Goddess Cards within each suit. Each Goddess Card comes with an additional resource so you can take the card to a deeper level.

Within the Deck you also get a 70-page Guide Book and on page 67, it tells you where you can find the resource you need for the Goddess Card you pull.

How do I use The Marketing Oracle Cards?

Great question!

Your beautiful Marketing Oracle Card Deck will come wrapped in cellophane that has a gold band you can pull on to take it off. You’re going to end up ripping it off because you’ll want to see what’s inside of the box.

When you have slid the draw out, you will be presented with the 70-page Guidebook that works alongside the cards. Many of you will take the message on the card and know what it means but the Guidebook is there to give additional guidance, so you have clarity over the next steps asked of you.

Once you have removed the Guidebook, you will see the striking cards sat within the draw and you will be ready to touch them!

Before you do anything with your cards, set them down in front of you and set an intention for them.

Then pick them up and shuffle. Shuffle for as long as you want, spread them on your desk or within your hand so you get to choose the one that is calling you.

Once you have chosen the card for the day, set the rest of the deck back into the draw, turn over your card and read the message. Does it resonate with you? Have you been feeling you need to work on that area or is it a great place to start? At this point, I would write down what that card means to you and what you can do today to take action. Only when you have done this, pick up the Guidebook, find the page that matches the card and read the message.

It will give you a better understanding of what the card means and what you can do about it.

There are 3 cards out of each suit that have additional exercises to them. Go to the back of the Guidebook to see where you can find them.